Scalable and powerful multi-usage mini computer solution.

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Multiple Usages.

Discover the webox mini computer.

Use As PC

You can attach a monitor to your webox to have the viewing area. The HDMI display port included on the mini computer allows you to export the video from the graphics card to external displays.



WEBOX Companion

At your office, at school, or wherever you are, WEBOX Companion adapts to the way you work with laptop-to-tablet versatility. It delivers a powerful laptop-class Intel® Core™ processor, all-day battery life and high-performance graphics — plus multitasking connections, including both USB-C® and USB-A ports.

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With Companion, video calls and meetings come to life with spectacular audio and video with far-field Studio Mics, Dolby® Audio™ sound, and HD cameras that automatically adjust to indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

I have only had it a short while but so far its exactly what i needed and wanted to get my work done. Its like an all in one. A tablet, laptop, and phone. Unbeatable price.

Right size, love how portable is, light weight. Fix on must of my purses. But runs fast, love that can be used as a tablet, and as a laptop as well. Idefinitely recommend this item.