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Through our experience on network systems, we provide expertise for architectural design, construction, and debugging processes that are required to create an effective distributed system.

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A distributed system, also known as distributed computing, is a system with multiple components located on different machines that communicate and coordinate actions in order to appear as a single coherent system to the end-user. The machines that are a part of a distributed system may be computers, physical servers, virtual machines, containers, or any other node that can connect to the network, have local memory, and communicate.
Benefits and challenges of distributed systems are:


Since computing happens independently on each node, it is generally easy and inexpensive to add additional nodes and functionalities.


Most distributed systems are fault-tolerant as they can be made up of hundreds of nodes that work together. The system generally doesn’t experience any disruptions if a single machine fails.


Distributed systems are extremely efficient because work loads can be broken up and sent to multiple machines or nodes.

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